Annie Perezchica, Senior Vice President of Events

Kaylie Rolin, Senior Events Manager

Melissa Sandberg, Events Coordinator

Kelsi Evans, Events Assistant



Tace Loeb, Associate Vice President of Marketing

Valentina Klausner, Director of Marketing

Kate Nerenberg, Director of Marketing

Grace Lucas, Marketing Manager

Meghan Fahy, Marketing Manager

Kelsey Wessels, Marketing Manager

Ambrosia Long, Marketing Assistant



Amy Clark, Vice President of Public Relations

Giselle Roig, Director of Public Relations

Sofia Royce, Director of Public Relations

Allix Wright, Senior Public Relations Manager

Rachel Buckly, Public Relations Manager

Jessica Davis, Public Relations Manager

Chelsea Kapotes, Public Relations Coordinator

Ana Caceres, Public Relations Assistant

Ashley Cook, Public Relations Assistant

Rosie Miele, Public Relations Assistant



Amanda Markmann, Vice President of Creative

Kelly Stegman, Senior Social Media Manager

Viveka Galindez, Social Media Assistant



Katharine Ragsdale, Director of Operations

Betsy Tucker, Business Manager